Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let me tell you how it will be/ there's one for you nineteen for me - Happy Tax Day!

April 15th has become a day feared/loathed by many Americans as the deadline for submitting taxes. While April 15th is now the day most associated with taxes, it was not always the day taxes were due in the United States. From 1912-1918, taxes were due on March 1st. IRS employees were continually flooded with last minute submissions, so Congress changed the date to March 15th, making the Ides of March even more sinister. The hope was that people would get their taxes in early in plenty of time before the new March 15th deadline. However, human nature being what it is, people still continued to submit their taxes at the last minute. It wasn’t until 1955, that the current due date of April 15th was adopted. It is estimated that in recent years, 20 percent of returns have been filed in the last week before the deadline. Good luck to those out there filing at the last possible minute!

If you’re feeling a little bitter about Tax Day, you might enjoy this cheesy 1967 cartoon starring The Beatles and Robin Hood singing about the dreaded Taxman.

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