Sunday, May 9, 2010

Perfection on Mother's Day: Dallas Braden Makes Baseball History

Sunday was notable not only for the fact that it honored mothers everywhere (love ya Mom!), it also saw a rare perfect game pitched by Dallas Braden of the Oakland A's. (See the Los Angelas Times' coverage of the game). His amazing game was only the 19th perfect game ever pitched in the history of major league baseball. Braden was emotional after the game when he met his grandmother in front of the dugout. His mother died from skin cancer when Braden was a senior in high school, so his grandmother played a large role in his upbringing. This is the stuff movies are made of. 

Take a look at this gallery of the other 18 perfect games going back to 1880!

27 up, 27 down : Photo Gallery

Here's a video of the last three outs of the game:

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